This square dance is also a competitive mixer. It calls for a four-couple square set, plus one in the center. The ninepin is usually a man but may also be a woman. In that case, in all directions below substitute “man” for “woman,” and “woman” for “man.” Start with the ninepin in the center.

  • All join hands, circle to the left around the Ninepin, circle back to the right.
  • Head couples (#1 couple and #3 couple) join hands in the center around the Ninepin, circle left, circle right. Step back to home position, leaving Ninepin in the center.
  • Side couples (#2 couple and #4 couple) do the same.
  • Head couples sashay across the set past Ninepin and back across the set on the other side of Ninepin. (Their movement is counterclockwise in the center of the set around Ninepin.)
  • Side couples do the same.

Ninepin briefly swings the woman from each couple in turn, sending her partner into the center.
End with all 4 men in the center, plus Ninepin.
All 5 men form a circle, circle left.
Caller stops music suddenly and the 5 men in the center scramble for a partner from the outside ring.
The person left in the center without a partner becomes the new Ninepin. And the dance starts again.