Prompts to Virginia Reel:
8 cts. Honor your partner (forward-2-3-bow; back-2-3-4)
8 cts. Right turkey wing
8 cts. Left turkey wing
8 cts. Do si do (or, No turkey wing)
8 cts. Head couple sashay down, back
32 cts. Head couple reel (right to own, left on outside, opp. line)
8 cts. Head couple exchange places and sashay back to top of the line
8 cts. Head couple cast off at top
8 cts. Head couple arch at the bottom, everybody through
New head couple

Patter to Virginia Reel:
Honor your partner with a bow
Back to the line like you know how.
Meet your partner with a right turkey wing;
Back with the left, now give her a swing.
Do si do with the one you know
Now head couple sashay down -
And sashay back.
Head couple reel! With a right to your own
And a left on the outside, opposite line.
Head couple swing at the bottom of the set
And sashay home.
Cast off at the top of the line,
Come along, boys, you’re doing fine.
Head couple arch at the bottom of the set;
Partners meet and promenade home.
Come back up where you belong
with a New Head Couple!

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