Limberjack in action

WHAT IS A LIMBERJACK?  A limberjack is a loose-limbed dancing doll.  This toy probably originated in 16th century Europe when a seated street performer attached a string from his knee to a jointed wooden toy and by jiggling made it dance on a board.  A wooden stick replaced the string sometime in 19th century England.  In Appalachia, these traditional toys are often hand-carved with a stick in the back.  The manipulator, keeping time to a lively fiddle tune, taps on a narrow flexible wooden board.  The vibrating board makes the doll appear to do a clackety mountain clog dance. A skillful handler can make this toy an effective rhythm instrument.

I make handcrafted dancing goat limberjacks, hippos, opossums… and more… available for purchase. $30 plus shipping. Inquiries to

My uniquely painted Appalachian limberjacks are handcrafted to provide many enjoyable hours of fun. Originally mountain craftsmen whittled these “jacks” into shapes which were held together with pieces of wire. I use power tools and eye hooks for their assembly.

The basic limberjacks I make are men/women, chickens, and goats. They come in a variety of colors. Each limberjack comes with a paddle board.

Limber Jack

Limber Jill

Limber Goat

Chicken Limber Chicken

We also do special orders. Below are examples:

Limber Hippo Fiona

Limber Hound

Limber Dachshund

Limber Horse

Elephant Limber Elephant

Limber Opossum

Zebra Limber Zebra

Limber Lion

Limber Flamingo

Limber Scottie