Shoulder up your gun and whistle up your dog (2x)
We’re off to the woods to catch a groundhog
Oh Ground Hog

Here comes Granny walking with a cane (2x)
Says she’s gonna eat groundhog brain
Eeyew! Ground Hog

Here comes Sal with a great long pole (2x)
We’ll twist that whistle pig outta his hole
Oh Ground Hog

I dug down but I didn’t dig deep (2x)
I caught that whistle pig fast asleep
Oh Ground Hog

Put that hog in a big tote sack (2x)
Slung that sack right over my back
Oh Ground Hog

Children screamed and children cried (2x)
They love ground hog stewed or fried
Oh Ground Hog

Y’eat up the meat and y’save the hide (2x)
Make the best shoelaces y’ever tied
Oh Ground Hog

Come here, Pa, make Sally stop (2x)
She’ll eat ground hog til she pops
Oh Ground Hog

Here comes Sal with a snicker and a grin (2x)
Groundhog grease all over her chin
Oh Ground Hog

Little piece of cornbread sittin on the shelf (2x)
If you want anymore you gotta sing it yourself
Oh Ground Hog

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